Monday, June 23, 2008

Fischstäbchen - Fish Fingers

It's been a while since I wrote someting in here. This is not because I don't cook anymore or I forgot about my blog. Just--- sometimes the food is not really exciting and I barely used nice spices. In 2 weeks I am back home and then the spice marathon will start, I guess :)

For now u get the fish fingers with some red lentil-rice and some Hungarian Sambal Oelek. The rice was very good, not dry at all beause of the softness of the lentils. Something to make again!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Vegetable my world

End of may I was finally able to say: Yes, I love your Hungarian vegetables! Before, I mostly could buy roots of all kind (unfortunately I don't like celery/smallage or parsley root/parsnip) and of course, paprika. But.... that was it, actually.
So around 2 weeks ago I went to a small vegetable shop and there I saw them:

Aren't they beautiful? I thought the big one is a zucchini, I don't know the name, actually. But the white one is a pumpkin, somekind of. Does anyone of you know their names?
So what it I make from them? First a filled oven baked version and with the white one I breaded and fried it. Both very delicious :)